April 4, 2012

The tiniest things in my life

I got the thought to post this is from a friend's blog I have just read.

So, here goes... 

There are some things in life, where we just foresee and it may seem really tiny but it actually builds u to where you are today and actually plays a huge part in your life...
  • Having a super supportive family
  • Having awesome friends who love me for who I am
  • Having super lovely colleagues which makes my days at work interesting as I learn something new. 
  • Being able to listen to songs I love
  • Having random mochas in the morning when I have change
  • Having people on my phone whom I can just call and they will be there for me whether it's for lunch or just to chat.
  • Having an awesome phone
  • Coke 
  • Being in Australia
  • Meeting new friends
  • Having a nice landlord
  • Organizing a surprise party 
  • Surprise party blown by the main person
  • Bobble heads
  • Pictures of loved ones
  • Watching movies
  • Watching dramas 
  • Waking up on Monday mornings feeling blessed 
  • Random outings/events
  • Receiving Birthday presents 
  • Camera 360 <3
  • Music
  • Books
  • Chocolate
  • Random midnight calls from UK <3
  • Talking to my Granma <3
  • Recalling how I met all my lovely friends
  • Telling a random made up story to Naomi
  • Tea Party
  • Him
  • Her