April 4, 2012

A Birthday Surprise that was not meant to be...

On the 23rd of March, 3 friends came together and created an event for a very special friend of ours.
We wanted it to be a surprise, but it was not meant to be as this very special friend of ours had a plan, a plan to ruin her surprise party without knowing of it... 
And no one was able to stop her, sadly... (Cause we weren't awesome enough)

Therefore, on the 3rd of April, we had loads of pizza and had an awesome time at her Birthday party... It was her 3rd time turning 21... An awesome event to celebrate as not everyone turns 21 every year... :P
I'll be turning 1 this year... It's a horrendous cycle which I have to go through... But oh well, feast on the awesome cartoonized pictures of my friends as that's how I see them, cartoonized and bobble headed. ^_^

Now for the food... ^_^

The cake was awesome...


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