June 26, 2012

Lili's Visit

 Last weekend, awesome Lili came to town!!! ^_^

We had Japanese food.
There were a total of 10 people that turned up to see her as she is not always in town.
I would say that it was a joyous event as we had loads of fun, catching up with friends as well as just chatting in general.  Of course, when people come together like this, there will surely be pictures. :)


Tom looked away when I snapped the picture... Sobz... Poor Andrew... 

After that, we had many games of DOTA!!!  
I tried out a few different heroes, as I recall, I tried out the Drow Ranger (that was the first game) and some other heroes which I can't recall at the moment. :s
The night ended at around 1 something in the morning I think... hehehe 
Following morning, at 10:30 am we were on the train to Sydney. :)

After Lili got on the train for home, we went to Paddy's Market for a bit of shopping as you can see that's where I got me new earring... :)

Then, we went to Pancakes at The Rocks, at Darling Harbour.  I shared a Monte Cristo crepe with Mikmik.
And we walked around, and guess what.  We found a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum at Darling Harbour, next to the Sydney Aquarium.  I shall go there next on my next adventure.

Till next time. ^_^

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  1. You forgot the key phrase from the trip to Sydney by Enider... "I have curves!"

    Did you play Rhasta? I can't remember otherwise. I remember playing Viper, then Prophet, then Broodmother & last Vengeful Spirit, if that helps jog your memory. That's how I remember what characters I play.