September 18, 2012

Life Story

Walking down a path,
Met a few people,
Some stayed and walked with me
While some left

Eventually, they split paths
Continued walking
Found someone who wanna walk with me
Walk with them

Live with them
Can't live without them
And then you reach a bridge
Only one could walk on this bridge

Prevailed and help each other
One in front and one at the back
There were a few stumbles
Nearly fell off the bridge

Fell off the bridge
But you pulled me up
Continued walking
Then you disappear into the mist

I fell I'm holding on
Waiting for you to come back for me
I'm slowly losing grip
One hand down, another finger losing grip

All the memories of our short path together rewinds in my head
I want you to come and pull me up and continue this journey with me
But you are no where to be seen
There is someone at the bottom

He is calling me
Asking me to let go and that he will catch me
And he will continue this path with me
But I'm not ready to let go

I am still waiting for you
Should I continue waiting?
Have you lost your way?
Am I the only one waiting?

Or are you making your way back to me
Are you struggling to find me as I am struggling to continue to hold on?
Or should I let go and fall into the arms of another
What should I do?

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