August 22, 2012

My day

I felt like I had a productive day today from the moment I woke up, I felt kinda good cause it only took me half an hour to get out of bed. ^_^

After work, went to meet up with Kev and James, then we went to pick Sim up. 
Before that, I was standing at the bus stop dreaming about chicken murtabak. :( 
But dinner wasn't too bad, had KFC for dinner by the light house.  As Kev said, it was very romantic with the candlelight dinner (Lighthouse).  But boy was it cold, Kev was sweet and lent me his jacket. :)

Went back to uni, watched The Amazing Spiderman.  It was funny and sad.  All in all, I enjoyed the movie and I had the weird famous unimovie ice cream, got my tongue numb.  Its like little droplets of talcum powder that my granma used to put on my face when I was little, but it isn't tat.  It is ICE CREAM!!! lol...
I had the cookies and cream one.  It was ok.  Will I have it again? I may, but at the moment no, cause after many scoops of it, I did not like it anymore. hehehe

After movie, kind James fetched us back home. :)  On the way to his car, we kind of all got drunk, and kinda forgot where his car was and walked past it.  Luckily, Kevin was sober and realized it. lol... 
On the way back to his car, I bumped into a car tow.  It was so painful... T.T  I think I have a bruise already. :(

And that is all for tonight. ^_^

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