September 15, 2013

Random Update

I recently joined a local community choir called Singongo.  It is the best thing that I did this year I think.  When I first joined, I really was not sure if I did the right thing as well it was a totally different thing and as time went past, it became only better and now every practice I go to makes me happy and the people are all really nice and funny. :)

Today I did my second choir performance in Kiama Uniting Church.  I did not take any photos but I enjoyed it heaps.  We sang bout 10 songs; All Day, All Night, California Dreaming, Chan Chan, Is she really going out with him?, Storm, and many more...

Besides, having loads of fun singing, I also got to see the families of my choir mates.  They are all heaps nice and our choir director, is really nice as well and she also is sooo sweet with her bikie bf.

In conclusion, I have heaps and loads of fun today and I hope to continue this for many years to come. ^_^

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