October 15, 2013


When something has not happened, we anticipate and wish for it, imagining, dreaming of the best that it can be.
And then it happens... almost never as expected as we set such a high standard for it to achieve.
One thing goes wrong, another goes wrong and you just wish it never happened.

Time passes, and it haunts you, the memories of what once was, could be, your hopes and dreams, shattered in just one sitting. You have to gather the remains of it, and create something new from the start knowing that what you had will not be the same as what you are going to create. It is going to better, it will not shatter and it will definitely stand tall and create a solid foundation to your future.

But... if you make a mistake, it may come tumbling down again... but, such is life.. you create and it breaks, you learn where you did wrong, patch up the holes and cracks, and continue building something stronger.

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