October 17, 2013


Did you know, the Tamagotchi jas been around for more than 10 years now. 
Since 1996, the virtual pet toy have been a childhood iconic toy for most of the kids from that generation.

I remember my first tamagotchi which my granma got for me from Japan many many years ago and it was a dinosaur.  And then it broke... somehow... Later on, the digimon craze came about and my dad got me a digimon version 2.  It was pretty fun at that time, but I kinda treated my digimon as a tamagotchi... cause it was similar in my opinion.  And then the battery died. 

Years later, I had always craved to have one but it was always too expensive or not worth buying and all that (cause when you are a very poor student, you can't afford a lot of things).  And then I graduated and got a job, and I remembered that tamagotchi dream I had...

So, I did a research on it to see what kind there was and I was throughly surprised by the ways that virtual pet toy have evolved too... There are sooo many versions out there.  I chose the version 4.5, Familitchi which is a tamagotchi which is family based with almost 3 pets everytime they breed and so on.  I got it off eBay and we have lived happily ever after since. ^_^

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