March 21, 2014


I just realized that the last timeI posted here was November last year, *the horror*
So, let's update you on what happened.

I have gotten a little crafty, went on an awesome holiday with my lil bro, went on an awesome holiday home to Malaysia and somehow ended up where I am with no glasses as I forgot to wear it this morning... T.T

- I did  a paint by numbers, a friend said that it was something for kids (kids in the western culture) to do in their spare time.  But I kind of enjoyed myself doing it.

- I also started on Project 365, for origami where I try to make one a day.  I will cover on that one day...

Holiday with bro
- went on our very first trip to Japan  ^_^  (will cover on that soon too)

Holiday home
- cousin's wedding, so went back to see family and friends.  Was lovely!

Holiday was December, and January was back here, February was work and work, March was and is now... Budget time... and SZ came to visit...

And I will update on my movies soon...

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