September 13, 2011

Open Mic

Last night was a splendiferous night (as Mira have described it), I went for my very first Open Mic event, it is basically a live show where anyone may perform at the microphone.  The performer just have to sign up with the person sitting in front of the stage.
The theme of the Open Mic event last night was on Freedom, organized by the Evangelical Christian Union (ECU).  The question of the night was basically Are You Free?

There were many types of performances that was showcased, there was accoustic music, stand-up comedy, band, hip hop and a few more.  It was an eye opener for me I guess cause I did not know that the Open Mic as organized by the ECU and they have been running this event every session and last night was their 4th time running this event.  I also had the opportunity to listen and see many wonderful people perform on stage showing that they have the guts to go onto stage and show them whose boss.

One of the hip hop performers was in crutches and yet he went up and rapped awesomely and so did one girl who just got her guitar a week ago? and she was bringing down the house as everyone was cheering and clapping.  I just know I don't have any guts at all to do any alone performance on stage.  I mean, the last time I performed in front of a crowd was with cousin 1 during cousin 2's wedding and according to cousin 3, I sounded like a dude in the video that was recording the wedding... =.=""" (the numbering is so that no one get confused as I'm talking about 3 different people)

Besides that, my dear friends Keira and James were performing at the event as well.  Mira describes Keira's singing as "if some random homeless guy had got up there and sung with a girly voice, she'd have been pretty amazed too".  Let's just say Mira is amazed by Keira's singing and Keira is a girl just for your information... hehehehe...

There were also a group of people from International House that performed last night, their band was called The Professors and they were pretty good, so was everyone that night.

Here are some pictures from last night.

That's all for now...

Ps.  Mira needs to perform next year.

Till next time... ^_^

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