March 10, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2012

To people who know me much, they would know I have not went back to Malaysia for a few years prior to end of 2012.  So, on my first trip back after a couple of years, I had to meet up with me other-half-of-the-brain, Tania Wee, blogger of Happy Days Ahead.  She invited me to CF, not Christian Fellowship but something cooler, Comic Fiesta. ^_^ 

I have been to one before with her as well, before I came to Australia and this time the event was much bigger than what I remembered it to be in Sunway Pyramid.  This time, it was held in KLCC, I went to Day 2 of the event and the people there were, let's just say the place was pretty crowded.  Luckily, Tania had already got me the tickets so it wasn't too bad.  She was covering the event as well for her blog.  So, I went about taking pictures with my new Olympus E-PL5 (my baby).  So, enjoy the pictures. :)

Upon entering the Convention Centre, I saw Dan Khoo, the Love Guru.  I was so excited and was pretty much hyperventilating to Tania.  I was also too shy to ask for a picture with him.  Sigh...  Nonetheless, I stalked him a little and took some pictures of him for my collection. ^_^ (Creepy stalker)  He was there covering the event for his YouTube channel if I am not mistaken.  He was interviewing people and Tania got interviewed too and she also got a picture with him.  (super jealous...)  I shall include the video of the event at the end of this post. 

As can be seen, there were lots of cosplaying done by fans or otaku as most of them would call themselves. Above there are One Piece cosplayers, drawings by fans of the event in anticipation of the countdown to the event and a pretty showgirl for the game Tanks, I think... hmmm...  

Not only were there humans being anime characters, there was also dolls, well being dolls.  Pretty, aren't they.  I would not mind staring at them all day if I had a set of this at home, but then I would need to have lots of time, and do not have any necessities.  Anyway, moving on...

Shugo Chara cosplayers... I liked that anime.  It is a little childish anime maybe.  But I am pretty childish and the anime is cool as the main character, Amu Hinamori has like 4 guardian characters which comes in the eggs the gals above are holding.  And the gals above are cosplaying Amu when she has combined with one of her guardian characters.  The anime is also very pretty which is also one of the reason I watched it. ^_^

To those who have seen the movie Rise of the Guardians, you would know who the above cosplayers are cosplaying as.  And to those who do not know, please watch the movie as it is awesome, and they are cosplaying as Jack Frost.  Imagine having Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy all in one movie.  It is pretty good for a combo of all of them and my favorite is Sandman.  He is cool...

Me and me other-half-of-the-brain... Together, we make one full brain. :p  She is pretty cool and outgoing and almost everything I am not... In other words, she is awesome. :D  And you should check out her blog, Happy Days Ahead, yes you... I'm looking at you... reading this post... so... do me a favor and check out her blog. ^_^

Fairy Tail, where do I start on how awesome the anime is.  It is the kind of anime where I will cry cause it is sooo touching and it isn't cause someone is dying or love or anything of that sort.  It is touching cause it shows a community of people or wizards or some sort of humans in a guild, a community and you have to watch it to understand it as I do not write well and I can't describe how awesome it is.

I do not know who they are until that day, they are Bless4.  Their songs are actually quite nice, even though it was on loop that day and songs on loop can make people bored of it.  I did not get bored of it, so it is a good song.  Below is the picture of the people who liked them and that is pretty much quite a lot of people. 

Below are what I got from Comic Fiesta 2012, some DOTA 2 badges, 2 hats, a Fairy Tail Keychain and a Katekyo Hitman Reborn ring.  I would say that this trip to CF2012 was great, cause I got to see Dan Khoo in flesh and blood, catch up with my other-half-of-the-brain and I got nice stuff.  ^_^  Would love to go again, given the chance and people who have not been to one before and live in Malaysia, should definitely go for it this year as in 2013.  

As promised, the video that Dan Khoo made for Comic Fiesta, covering the event.  You all should definitely go for the event this year. 

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